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If you have been offered a settlement agreement at work, Legal- advice.com can provide you with fast, expert legal advice.

We can arrange a same day appointment and if the matter is urgent we can often have the whole thing signed and finalised on the same day too.

Legsl-advice.con have access to expert Employment Lawyers,Settlement Agreement Lawyers  & public access Barristers.

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Legal advice on your settlement agreement will be free – it is standard practice for employers to pay for you to receive advice on the legal effect of signing a Settlement Agreement.

Legsl-advice.com are experts on advising people who are thinking of leaving their jobs and gives advice on settlement agreements virtually every week.

If you are thinking of agreeing and signing a settlement agreement with your employer it is important that you receive good legal advice on the terms of the agreement and what other legal options may be open to you.

How Legal-advice.com can help you.

  • We will give you the advice quickly and clearly – which can be very important in ensuring that you secure the best offer from your employer.
  • We will make sure that you are aware of all of your options and how the settlement agreement will effect you.
  • In some circumstances it may be possible for you to instruct us to negotiate directly with your employer.

“If your situation is urgent I can usually conclude the agreement for you within 24 hours.”

” We understand that negotiating a settlement agreement can be a very stressful time for you. We will take the time to listen to you and then provide you with clear legal advice in plain English – so that you know your options and can make informed choices.”

What is a settlement agreement?

It is contract which ends the employment on legally binding terms agreed between the employer and the employee.

When an employment has come to an end, either because of redundancy or a disagreement, a settlement agreement is used to agree the terms under which the employee will leave their job.

It usually involves the employee receiving financial compensation in return for agreeing not to take the employer to court.

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