"We will help you find the perfect direct access barrister for you!"

How to Find your Direct Access Barrister on legal-advice.com

On our site you have direct, easy access to expert public access  barristers who are able to offer the best advice on the difficult legal problems you may be facing – whether something that affects you personally or in your business.

Legal-advice.com makes choosing a barrister stress-free. Your direct access barrister will help you resolve your legal issue more quickly, more efficiently and often at a lower cost than a solicitor.

Why use a barrister and not a solicitor?

Expertise: Barristers are equivalent to consultants in healthcare. Barristers are experts in their chosen areas of law. They will provide answers to your problems, letting you know where you stand and what your options are.

Efficiency of service: public access barristers are skilled at working out solutions to legal problems quickly and telling their clients. You won’t have to keep chasing them to deal with your issue.

Skilled advocates: using a public access barrister doesn't mean you have to go to Court. However, if you do need to go to Court, they are skilled advocates, who will present your case better than anyone else.

Better value: barristers can charge less than solicitors, because they’re self-employed and do not have the costs of running a law firm. They will agree their fees with you in advance of taking on your case or advising you on your problem.

How can you choose the right barrister for you?

Legal-advice.com presents you with the choice of which public access  barrister to use. You can look at CVs, fees, availability and expertise and decide who will best look after your interests.

Legal-advice.com makes it easy for you to find the barrister that is most suited to dealing with your case. You can start the search for your barrister here. Or provide your contact details, and we will contact you straight away advising you on how to go about finding the right barrister for you.