Released Under Investigation?

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Released Under Investigation, or Released Pending Further Investigation, means you have been released from custody without charge and no obligation to return on bail to the police station for the offence for which you were questioned for. However, this means the investigation for this matter will continue.

There may be a need for an officer to speak to you again and you may even be arrested again. For certain matters, the police may contact you and make an appointment for you to go to the police station to have another interview.

At the conclusion of the investigation, the police should notify you of the outcome. This may be that you will receive a postal requisition or a summons to attend the Magistrates’ Court or a letter to say that no further action (NFA) will be taken in respect of the matter

If you have been released under investigation, unfortunately this is not the end of the matter.


The New Law – Policing and Crime Act 2017

  • On Monday 3rd April 2017, the Policing and Crime Act 2017 came into force.
  • This Act brings changes to the way the Police will deal with you if you have been arrested and there is further investigation required.
  • The key changes in the Policing and Crime Act are:
  • There is a presumption of release without bail unless the necessity and proportionality criteria are met
  • Where these criteria are met a maximum 28 day period of pre-charge bail can be granted by an Inspector
  • This period can be further extended to a period of three months by a Superintendent
  • An applicable bail period (ABP) will be set by the authorising officer and this is the window of time in which a custody officer may set and vary bail
  • The Applicable Bail Period can only be further extended by a Magistrates’ Court upon application by the police
  • There are longer time limits for cases designated as ‘exceptionally complex’ for example SFO investigations

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  • "The police have seized my property, can I get this back?"                             If during the arrest and detention period you had items seized by the police, we are able to contact the police on your behalf in order to try have these returned. Usually, the police will leave a seizure note confirming what they have seized… sometimes they will not itemise everything so it is very important to note down as soon as you can what items appear to have been taken.
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