Civil Law

Our commercial lawyers can support you with legal advice on all aspects contract law, including advising on the drafting and negotiation of the commercial contracts and safeguards that you will need to protect any business interests you may have.

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Civil Law

A civil litigation or commercial dispute resolution is where a legal representative tries to resolve their client’s disputes. These can include:

·      Landlord and tenant issues

·      Neighbour disputes

·      Unpaid bills

·      Professional negligence

·      Breach of contracts or agreements

·      Intellectual property disputes 

·      General business disputes

 When you explain your dispute to your legal representative, they might suggest this kind of resolution if they don’t think your case is very strong. Or they might suggest it because a claim’s been made against you that you have a strong defence for.

A direct access barrister can give you as much help as you need in civil litigation and dispute resolution. They can simply prepare an initial letter for you, or they can attend mediation or settlement meetings and represent you throughout the whole process. 

Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes are an extremely complex area of law. Many people seem to think that the boundary between their property and the neighbouring property runs in a straight line down the middle of the land. However, often this not the case. If you are having problems relating to a boundary speak to specialist barrister today.

Boundaries differ and vary over time. In a lot of cases the boundary may have started out as a straight line but over time may have moved slightly or changed direction due to the removal and replacement of the boundary, agreements between predecessors of property and various other factors.

Commercial Contract Disputes

We have access to specialist commercial lawyers supporting who operate in a range of sectors including manufacturing, technology, banking and the utilities, as well as public sector clients.

Their aim is not only to ensure that your commercial contracts are legally robust and compliant but that they clearly reflect the nature of the relationship with your customers, suppliers and partners and that they help your business control and manage its risk.

As commercial lawyers we want to understand your business and become your trusted advisor. Some of our barristers have worked as in-house counsel so they understand the need for clear, pragmatic and commercially focused commercial advice that provides solutions not problems for your business.

Small Claims

Small claims are for simple cases that don’t involve large amounts of money or complicated issues. They’re often used to get compensation or your money back if something’s gone wrong. Small claims are never usually for more than £10,000.

You can use small claims for things like:

a faulty product

poor service

being owed a refund

disputes with your landlord - for example, if they haven’t done minor repairs

being owed money for work you’ve done

accidents when you’ve been injured - for example, a car accident

Small claims are sometimes called ‘money claims’. They’re meant to be simple, so you probably may be able to deal with these matters yourself. Call today and arrange a conference with a specialist barrister who can review your claim.

Commercial Debt

Looking for a way forward?

In an increasingly regulated world, disputes are unavoidable in business. Our expert commercial litigation lawyers are leaders in the field and dedicated to providing our clients with the most effective legal representation, ensuring we minimise risk and resolve disputes swiftly.

We are able to assist in all ranges of commercial disputes in ways to suit you, whether that is by negotiation, mediation or a vigorous courtroom strategy. Our specialist team will implement a plan without delay which will in turn maximize your chances of recovering your money.

They have extensive knowledge and expertise in all areas of litigation and pride ourselves on the results that we have achieved for our clients. To discuss your situation , please call our office on 0345 066 1920